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Yocheved Dvir

Yocheved Dvir, Board Member

Ms. Yocheved Dvir, also known as Yochi, has been an Independent Strategic Consultant to various projects since August 2002. Since 2000, Ms. Dvir has served as a strategic advisor in business development affairs to multiple companies and initiatives that were being founded. She served as a Senior Vice President of Migdal Group, one of Israel’s foremost insurance groups from 1990 to 2000. She joined the Migdal Group in 1981 and held a number of senior financial and management¬†positions, including Head of the Economics Department from 1986 to 1988, Head of the Corporate Office from 1989 to 1992, Head of the General Insurance Division and Corporate Office from 1993 to 1997, Head of the Finance Division as Chief Financial Officer from 1997 to November 1999 and Head of the group’s Strategic Development Division and Marketing Array and a Risk Manager from November 1999 to July 2000. She has been an External Director of Alrov Properties and Lodgings Ltd. since 2010 and ECI Telecom Ltd. since February 2003. Ms. Dvir also serves on the board of directors of Menorah Insurance Company and its subsidiary, Alrov Real Estate and Endey Med. She has been an Independent Director at Endymed Ltd. since January 18, 2012. She has been an Outside Director of NICE Ltd. (Also known as NICE Systems Ltd.) since January 1, 2008. She serves on the boards of Directors at number of Israeli companies including Elite Industries Ltd. She served as a Director of Sapiens International Corporation N.V. since September 2003. She served on the boards of Trendline Business Information & Communications Ltd., Visa Cal, Strauss Industries Ltd., Phoenix Holding and Phoenix Insurance Co. and Israel Corporation Ltd. She served as an External Director of Menora Insurance Company Ltd. and Shomra Insurance Company Ltd. since April 2015. Ms. Dvir holds Bachelor’s Degrees in Economics and Statistics from the University of Haifa, Israel and Master’s Degree in Statistics – Operations Research from Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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