Xenia Venture Capital

The Team

Eli Sorzon, CEO & CFO

Xenia’s CFO since 2007, and the CEO since 2017. Eli Sorzon has 13 years experience in accounting and finance, mainly for large publicly traded hi-tech companies.
Prior to joining Xenia in February 2007, Eli was Manager with the accounting firm of Deloitte Brightman Almagor. Read More

Merav Kaye, Board Member

Merav has the breadth of experience in the realm of project management and business development as an experienced professional who worked for a large telecoms company in the past and as an investment manager in her current role within Consensus Business Group, a leading UK investment group… Read More

Erez I. Meltzer, Board Member

Erez Meltzer is one of the leading business people in Israel with more than 35 years of experience as a Chairman and CEO in various global companies…Read More

Anat Tsour Segal , Board Member

Ms. Anat Tsour Segal, seasoned investor, business executive and entrepreneur, creating and advancing the high technology ecosystem in Israel with strong focus on planet, medical and cyber for infrastructure ground breaking technologies addressing major global challenges of the 21st century.Read More

Rotem Yehuda Kakon , Board Member

Rotem Yehuda Kakon has more than 12 years of experience in Venture Capital investments, business development, entrepreneurship, and the public sector. He has been an active board member of numerous high-tech and industrial companies… Read More